Diploma in Graphic Designing Course

Diploma in Graphic Designing Course

Master Professional Graphic Designing Course: Graphic Design is a very important course. It is practically used for everything in todays day and age. It is these softwares which combine technology and creativity to create Websites, Brochure Designs, Advertisements, Magazines, Photo-touchups, Mobile backgrouonds, Packaging, Hoardings, Project Presentations . . .etc.




  • With Photoshop’s tools you can paint !
  • Mixing & Manipulating of colours at a click of a button
  • You can Blend 2 Images
  • You can create Patterns & Artistic Designs
  • You can manipulate Design images with Special Effects
  • You can Import and Export your Images
  • Retouch, Manipulate and Enhance Designs
  • Image Editing, Resolution, Correction, Saturation
  • Tool Box, Navigator, Info, Option,Swatches, Brushes
  • Layers: Adding, Deleting, Merge,Duplicating,Rotate
  • Filters: Built-in Effects Blur,Twirl, Stain
  • Emboss, Spotlight, Fire, Embossed…etc.
  • Retouching, Colouring, Creating Backgrounds, Buttons


  • Image Mixing, Re-touching
  • Facebook Page Design
  • Model Layering
  • Digital Design
  • Photo-Touch ups
  • Digital Illustration
  • Monograms, Creating Logos
  • Brochure Designing
  • Web Backgrounds Design
  • Magazine Cover Pages
  • Advertisements
  • Invitation Redesign
  • Label Design for a Series
  • Creating Posters/ Banners


  • Illustrator is a vector graphics creation software
  • for print media and web, allowing the user to produce
  • World Class Illustrations with 16.7 million colors.
  • Creative tools for Print Media Output, Sophisticated Web Graphic Tools
  • Special Effects to Images, Versatile Transparency Capabilities
  • Dynamic Media Projects, Vector vs. Raster Demo, Artboard Demo,Menu
  • Tools Palette, Pen Tool Techniques,Magic Wand Tool,
  • Rotate & Reflect Tool, Twist Tool,Liquify, Free Transform/Creative Tools
  • Graphs,Layers & Appearance, Styles Palette, Filter Effects,Transparency,
  • Rotate & Reflect Tool, Twist Tool,Liquify, Free Transform/Creative Tools
  • Isolating Blending Modes,Opacity Masks, Swatches,Custom Swatch
  • Libraries,Photo Cross,Hatch,Roughen/Scribble,Transform,Twist,
  • Zigzag,Pathfinder,Rasterize, Blocks & Wraps,Manipulating Containers
  • Slice Tool,Exporting to .psd, Flattening, Separation Setup…etc.


  • Design a logo
  • create Holidays, a Christmas card
  • business card
  • Design a character
  • Learn More
  • Package Designing
  • Banner Designing
  • Tracing Work
  • Layout Work


  • The Work Area, The Menu Bar, The Control Palette
  • The Other Palettes, The Tools Palette , Contextual Menus
  • Managing the InDesign Environment, Designing Documents
  • Create the Structure of a Document, Develop Master Pages
  • Manage Text and Graphic Placement, Develop Layers
  • Utilizing Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Managing Transparency, Utilizing , Tables, Print a Document
  • Creating Acrobat PDF Files, Controlling Text,
  • Handling Page Elements and Graphics, Managing Long Documents
  • Create a Book, Adjusting Print Settings.


  • Magazine Cover
  • News Paper Ads
  • Book Design
  • Printing Work
  • Catalog Designing


  • Vector Graphics Vs Rastor, Property Bar, Welding
  • Drawing Tools, Modifying Tools,Skewing
  • Fill Types: Fountain, Pattern,
  • Textures, Mesh, Uniform, Special Effects: Contour
  • Extrude, Distort, Blend, Shadow, PowerClip
  • Perspective, Fit to Text, Character Converts
  • Importing & Exporting Images


  • Monograms
  • Logos
  • Advertisements
  • Interior Designing
  • Package Designing


  • Graphic Designer
  • Photoshop specialist
  • DTP Operator
  • Advertising Designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Packaging Designer
  • Web Image Editor
  • Designer
  • Digital Illustration
  • Visualizer
  • Logo Designer

Course Advantages:

  • Weekend Batches Available.
  • Individualized Training.
  • Any absence in the middle of the course will not cut short the course and would be continued within a reasonable time.
  • Join Today and Learn New Skills to begin a Life of Progress and Growth, without Postponement.

Course Timings:

Any one hour or two hour duration can be selected. The Batch Timings available on The Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) Batch Timings available are in the Morning between 07.30 a.m. to 7 p.m.calligraphy training courses in pune

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