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Digital Calligraphy Workshop
Calligraphy can be learnt by any persons who have Interest, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Patience and give importance to Beauty, Art, Designing etc., To Learn Calligraphy one need not have to look out for any caste, creed, age, sex, education and experience. We prescribe only the age for beginning the course since it requires some amount of experience and expertise in forming the Alphabets, Words and Sentences on their own. For Complete Calligraphy Course details, visit Courses/Categories menu.calligraphy training Workshop in Mumbai.Register Now

Who can join our Calligraphy Workshop:

Any person aged above 10 years can join and beautify their Writing by Learning Calligraphy. School Students ,College students studying any Graduation.Persons who are Employed, running own Business, Corporate Executives, Self-Employed, Professionals and Homemakers can also join.
“We offer Different types of Classes to School / College Students and for Adults.

Workshop Syllabus:
Calligraphy – Basic Or Advance.
Introduction to Digital Calligraphy.
Strokes of Practice and Visualization For Layout Designing.

Knowledge of Basic Computer .
School Students above 10 years old.
College Students or Adults above 18 years to 60 years.
Interest and zeal to learn the creative artistic writing.
Spare extra time for practice at Home.

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