Digital Calligraphy Upcoming Workshop Schedule @Mumbai

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Digital Calligraphy Workshop
Calligraphy can be learnt by any persons who have Interest, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Patience and give importance to Beauty, Art, Designing etc., To Learn Calligraphy one need not have to look out for any caste, creed, age, sex, education and experience. We prescribe only the age for beginning the course since it requires some amount of experience and expertise in forming the Alphabets, Words and Sentences on their own. For Complete Calligraphy Course details, visit Courses/Categories menu.calligraphy training Workshop in Mumbai.Register Now

Who can join our Calligraphy Workshop:

Any person aged above 10 years can join and beautify their Writing by Learning Calligraphy. School Students ,College students studying any Graduation.Persons who are Employed, running own Business, Corporate Executives, Self-Employed, Professionals and Homemakers can also join.
“We offer Different types of Classes to School / College Students and for Adults.

Workshop Syllabus:
Calligraphy – Basic Or Advance.
Introduction to Digital Calligraphy.
Strokes of Practice and Visualization For Layout Designing.

Knowledge of Basic Computer .
School Students above 10 years old.
College Students or Adults above 18 years to 60 years.
Interest and zeal to learn the creative artistic writing.
Spare extra time for practice at Home.

The Amazing Ways Color Can Alter Your Mind (Infographic)

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Whether you’re a painter, a graphic designer, or just doing up your home, it’s essential to know the significance of various colors and the effect they have on our mind and moods. Here’s an interesting infographic by Vanessa Arbuthnott. Fabrics that shows us what different colors represent, their effects, usability and more.

How Humans React To Different Colors

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Did you know that green is used for night vision goggles because the human eye is most sensitive to, and able to recognise most shades of that color? People are often more productive in rooms painted blue. Pink makes us crave sugar. Red increases enthusiasm. Grey represents non-involvement, giving it a formal authority.

Here’s a comprehensive infographic that explains color psychology and lists interesting facts and effects of different types of hues. A handy guide for designers and a must read for art and design students. Check it out below.

Digital Calligraphy Training

Digital Calligraphy Training Students at FC Road Branch

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“Digital Calligraphy Training”
Weekend batches are starting from January 2015.
Interested candidates can E-mail me on
“” or can msg me on Facebook
Contact Person: Manish Deshpande | 9767691751
Sunday Batch Timing | 18th Jan 2015 Time; 12 PM To 5 PM.
Address: School of Digital Calligraphy
Office No. 98, 4th Floor A Wing, Shreenath Plaza Dyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, Gopalkrisha Gokhale Rd, Sud Nagar, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411005

Manish Deshpande - School of Digital Calligraphy -Marathi Calligraphy

New Digital Calligraphy Weekend Batches Starts From 11th Jan 2015.

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Digital Calligraphy :
Introduction to Calligraphy.
Basic Strokes of Practice.

Weekend Batch Timings (1– 2 Months)

12:30 pm to 2:30 pm
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Generally Handwriting Classes, Memory, Concentration and Self Confidence Classes or Personality Development Classes or Calligraphy classes are conducted during Standard Timings based on the Total number of students per batch.
If the number of students are less in a batch, generally Institutes do not start a New Batch and ask the students to wait for some time till they start Batches. As far as people who want to join is concerned, they would like to join a particular course whenever they have Interest, Time and Course Fee. In such cases, if the Institutes do not have any batch at that time, it would put the student’s / parent’s interest on the backyard and they get diverted and we have found that people lose interest in learning those courses over a period of time, unless it is of utmost necessity.
To fulfill the aspirations of the Student / Parent / Adult, at our Institute, we provide Classes to people 365 days in a year. That means, any person who has Interest and Time can join any of our Courses any time, any day and do not have to wait for a particular batch to start. Our classes are purely individualized and cater to the requirement of a particular Student or Adult on the areas of their Improvement.

Contact: Manish Deshpande
+91 976 769 1751